Compensation Plan

Royal Q Compensation Plan

For each level, you need to have the requirements like in the list below!

Also, they are not so difficult to get there Royal Q is selling itself owing to the fact that everybody is earning money and they will talk about it thus your team will expand without any assistance or training.

RankRequirementDirect Push AwardTeam RewardPeer AwardGlobal Dividend
V2Directly refer 3 members, total 20 members40%30%
V3Directly refer  5 members, 3 V2, total 100 members50%40%5%
V4Directly refer 8 members, 3 V3, total 300 members60%50%5%
V5Directly refer 12 members, 3 V4, total 800 members65%55%5%
V6Directly refer 20 members, 3 V5, total 1500 members70%60%5%5%