Is Royal Q safe?

Everyone can trade with Royal Q because it only trades spot on Binance and doesn’t utilise leverage.

As a general rule, a robot buys when the market is low and sells when it is high.

As a result of floating loss, it is possible to suffer a loss. Floating losses, however, are not genuine losses until the asset is sold.

It operates as follows:

Suppose you purchased $100 worth of Litecoin, and the currency declines by 30%, resulting in a loss of $30 until the coin recovers.

This means that leaving it alone, assuming its value increases, will not cause a loss. However, selling it inside the floating loss window will result in a genuine loss.

The answer is YES.

In the meanwhile, if you acquire crypto assets and put them in your wallet in the expectation that they may increase in value eventually, the same principle applies.

Because to the crypto market’s inherent nature, this isn’t Royal Q’s fault.

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