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What is Royal Q?

RoyalQ is a trading bot application for Binance and Huobi. You can generate 10% to 25% monthly trading profits on autopilot with our expert trading recommendations. Also earn $1000 per day or more through affiliate referral Compensation plan.

Trading on Auto pilot

No liquidity risk for your capital. Your capital is 100% safe and you can withdraw it anytime. Click here to know how to get started? Or download PDF

Royal Q is cheapest crypto trading bot

Crypto trading botsRoyal QMudrexRicabot Tradetron
Monthly Price$10$16$30$50
Copy tradingYesNoNoNo
Risk of liquidityNoYesYesYes
*Data comparison from
  • 24/7 automated trading you can choose to trade on your own.
  • 100% secure account and investment
  • Supports 70+ currency pairs
  • Make a real profit, there are results from day one.
  • Supports Copy trading by sync with expert traders
  • Supports leading exchanges such as Binance, Huobi
  • AI developed with Quantitative, Intelligent and Accurate


Very good app hope to find a great future to all of us, just want to review to stay active for a better performance. – Shivkumar Raja

I understand everything with their simple English. And it has a guide on how you can trade successfully. I’m really satisfied using this app. – Anna Okoh

Great Apps. I thank the producers for such a great work and for regular updates. –Emmanuel Adegbola

Is Royal Q safe?

Is Royal Q safe?

Everyone can trade with Royal Q because it only trades spot on Binance and doesn’t utilise leverage. As a general rule, a robot buys when the market is low and sells when it is high. As a result…

What is Royal Q app?

What is Royal Q app?

Royal Quantitative, often known as Royal Q, is a quantitative trading system that relies on artificial intelligence. 4 years of experience developing quantitative strategies for digital currency tradi…